Grand Re-Opening

Today was a big day at work as we celebrated our finished remodel with a Grand Re-Opening of our Walmart in Marion, Iowa. The photo posted shows the management team, Cartpusher Darren and members of the Marion Chamber of Commerce, cutting the ribbon to officially re-open the store to the public. I have been at […]

50 miles

Here’s my story– Today a certain gentleman turned 50 today, he decided to run 50 miles from Cedar Falls to Cedar Rapids, via the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. The reason for the run? To help raise awareness on sex trafficking in Nepal. Full story on his run is here:   As of this writing, he […]


Here’s my story…… Today is 3/14/14, take the first three numbers, 314, put a dot in between the 3 and the 1 and what do you get? You get “Pi”. Yep, that’s right. Today is “Pi Day”. What is so significant of this number? Wikipedia tells it this way: “Pi Day is an annual celebration […]

Son of God movie

Went to see the movie from 20th Century Fox, “Son of God”. The movie is well worth the price. This movie pretty much hits what the Bible says. Diogo Morgado portrays the Messiah very well. Roma Downey plays Mary, the mother of Jesus. You may remember her from the TV series “Touched By An Angel” […]

Tim Wilson 1961-2014

The world of Comedy has lost another great comedian. This past week it was Harold “Egon” Ramis, who I remember from the movie series of Ghostbusters and was a wonderful director. And now Tim Wilson is the latest to go on to Comedy Heaven. Tim Wilson passed away in Nashville last night of an apparant […]