Update to Confederate Flag Controversy

Within the last couple days of my posting, Warner Bros said that they are not removing the Confederate Flag from the General Lee. They stated that the previous report was not true. Now as for how I feel about this, it is up to the state’s to decide what they want to do. And this […]


Here’s my story: This week the highest court in the nation voted to make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.  I may be old fashion but I support only one kind of marriage and that is between a man and a woman. I will however continue to love and be friends with those who […]

Update to “Charleston SC Shooting” post

Here is my story: As you know I posted a short blog about what happened in Charleston, SC at a black church. I want to post an update to that blog. Charles Cotton, a representative from the NRA(National Rifle Association) has blasted its Pastor(now deceased) and its victims for what he says is his position as a […]

Charleston S.C. shootings

Here’s my quick story: Charleston S.C. had the worst shooting to ever occur this past week, in…of all places…a church. 9 innocent lives lost and one gunman who has some very serious mental illness. Here is my take on this– The President of the USA, the NRA and all the other “leftist” are wanting gun […]


Here’s my story: Recently, we have seen stories of celebrities coming out telling of their battle of depression………Robin Williams, who had this, committed suicide. Now the latest is Wayne Brady. I am coming out to tell you that, yes, even me, has and is still battling depression. It is a hard mental disease to shake […]

Depression-Not a fun thing

With the recent passing of Comedian Robin Williams from an apparant suicide from his bout with depression, the subject of Depression has cropped up, revealing its ugly head. Depression is not a fun thing, nor is the fact of suicide. I am proud to say that I am a survivor of suicide. Some people have […]

Losing a loved one

Here’s my story- July 1st was the 35th Anniversary of the passing of my Mom. It has been a tough week for me, thinking of her. I was only 8 years old when my Mom passed away from Pneumonia(both lungs). Me and my sister was totally devastated when Dad came in to tell us. She […]