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Charleston S.C. shootings

Here’s my quick story:

Charleston S.C. had the worst shooting to ever occur this past week, in…of all places…a church. 9 innocent lives lost and one gunman who has some very serious mental illness.

Here is my take on this–
The President of the USA, the NRA and all the other “leftist” are wanting gun control. Personally, gun control WILL NOT solve everything. Only the love of Jesus will control it, if we just give our lives to Him. Eventually GOOD will win over EVIL, make no mistake about it.

And even the victims families are forgiving the gunman for this travesty. If you want to live by faith and not by sight, look to the families who have forgiven him. They are an example of faith in Jesus Christ. We need to live like that.

That’s my short story, and I am sticking to it.


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