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Depression-Not a fun thing

With the recent passing of Comedian Robin Williams from an apparant suicide from his bout with depression, the subject of Depression has cropped up, revealing its ugly head.
Depression is not a fun thing, nor is the fact of suicide. I am proud to say that I am a survivor of suicide.

Some people have ridiculed Robin Williams as a coward or selfish killing himself. I am here to say that those people need to look at their own hearts and minds and look at the real reason why suicide happened.

For me, it was the death of my mother that prompted me to drive myself to depression later in my teen years. Also being pushed and bullied by classmates led me down to that road. As I said earlier, Depression is not a fun thing and neither is suicide.
I Tried suicide by suffocating or hanging. I came close several times but something told me DON’T. That something was the grace of God. God saw something in me that I can be used to witness to His glory. Through salvation only found in Jesus, I can say that I am a survivor of deepression and suicide. Now do I get depressed on occasion? Yes, but not as bad as back then. Do I think of suicide from time to time? Yea, but medication and a talk with God and my family curves me from that road.

If you or someone you know needs some help, be sure to talk to a Christian counselor, family member or friend and tell them you are thinking of ending your life by suicide.
There are very good resources to use like “Resources For Living”.

Please, get help!!!! That’s my plea to you.
Thank you.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.


One comment on “Depression-Not a fun thing

  1. Thanks Buddy for sharing this. Your transparency and story can be a help to others.

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