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Update on 50 miles

Mark Forstrom, the man who turned 50 yrs old today and ran 50 miles from Cedar Falls to Cedar Rapids to raise funds for Tiny Hands, an organization that is fighting sex trafficking in Nepal, DID IT!!!

As of the night of the run, 218 people have pledged a total of $14,538.50(not including those who pledged via the internet). Now you say, how did that happen?

What people did was they would pledge an amount per mile.

Here is some startling info via Mark Forstrom–
“Why fight Sex Trafficking in Nepal? Each year in Nepal, an estimated 10,000-15,000 girls are trafficked across the border where they are sold into Indian brothels and forced to become prostitutes. These girls range between ages 7 and 24, with an average age of 15.”

If you like to know more about this organization, “Tiny Hands”, here is a short 6 minute video explaining–

Again, congratulations to Mark Forstrom for completing the 50 mile run for his 50th Birthday and raising over $14,000 for Tiny Hands.

That’s my story……and I am sticking to it.


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