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What wisdom?

Yes, Buddy’s Ramblings is back!!!

I miss blogging and stating what I want to ramble, so here we go.

Over a week or so ago, I had a procedure done to remove all four of my wisdom teeth. They usually say you feel better after you get them removed. At this moment, I question the person who asked that. Feel better? Not yet. I am a bit sore; mostly the sensitivity part is what I don’t like. But I guess it comes with the territory with the nerves exposed as tissue is trying to conceal the holes in my mouth.

Now why do they call it Wisdom teeth? Do they have wisdom to determine if you are smart? Or just a term to define what they are? I don’t have a clue, but I do know after they are removed, your life is supposed to be better. Well no one told me it would be a painful recovery, except the doctor.

Anyways I just ask that you pray for my recovery and that I will be a whole lot better after this is over with.

That’s my story……and I am sticking to it.


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